No Odor Guarantee

No Odor Guarantee

Many things set PDQ apart. One of them is our “No Odor Guarantee.” This is our promise to you that you will not live with the unpleasant, often intolerable, and possibly dangerous odor left behind after experiencing a loss on your property. 100% Guaranteed.

This covers any odor that is the direct result of the loss that PDQ is mitigating. Our work is not complete until all odors from the original loss have been eliminated.

Removing and replacing drywall, insulation, or flooring without a proper deodorization process is a mistake. Odors will return if they are not treated properly.

What is The IICRC Standard of Care?

The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is the leading source for creating the standard of care for how restoration work is to be performed. It is recognized by all insurance carriers. The S500 specifically is the standard for water damage and the S520 is for mold remediation.

No Odor Guarantee

Odor Control Process

Step 1

- Install hydroxyl generators and air scrubbers. (Engineering controls)

  • Hydroxyl generators are safe to use. They have been used in hospitals and cruise ships for over 15 years.
    • DO NOT allow anyone to use ozone with people, pets, plants, or furniture (it will destroy the foam inside your furniture.)
    • Hydroxyl generators use high-intensity UV light and when the humidity in the air process through the light it takes the H20 and converts it to H3. All it wants to do is bind to odor molecules and change back. Think of millions of baby Packmen in the air going into every nook and cranny and attacking odor molecules.
    • Hydroxyl molecules are effective for deodorization and sanitizing.
  • Air scrubbers use large commercial HEPA filters to capture any airborne particulate manner.
    • They process 500 cubic feet of air per minute. The standard of care requires 6-8 (ACH) air exchanges per hour.

Step 2

- Clean all affected areas

  • HEPA vacuuming
  • Clean with a pairing agent that has a masking scent.
    • What is a pairing agent?
      • A pairing agent neutralizes odor molecules.
      • The masking scent is part of the process so it smells clean and then dissipates over a 2-3 day period and you get your home back to its normal odors (baking, cooking, pets, etc.).
HEPA Vacuuming Process

Step 3

- Deodorization

  • Additional deodorizing techniques may be required.
  • Sometimes we will increase the temperature in the property to open the pores for better results.
    • Thermal fog- uses a pairing agent that has a cherry scent and is heated up to recreate the smoke condition. This fog will go where the smoke went and deodorize.
    • Ozone-03 molecules are spread through the affected property and will attach to odor molecules and deodorize. Great tool, but cannot be used around people, pets, plants, or furniture with cushions (it will destroy the foam cushions)
    • Deodorizing crystals
      • These are placed around the property and will absorb odors and leave a pleasant scent.

Step 4

- Sealing

  • Sealing surfaces to lock in pairing agents to prevent hidden odors from being released is often required.
Sealing Process for Odor Control

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Warren, NJ

your guys were fantastic... thanks for getting all the water out of bathroom and making it dry

Watchung, NJ

Posted on Google

We had a electrical fire in our kitchen and it caused lots of smoke and odor damage. A very good friend of mine recommended PDQ Restoration. Tim and Elizabeth came out that afternoon and were extremely professional and detailed on showing me how far ...

Warren, NJ

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Excellent work ethic and very thorough. My house had a fire and we didn't know how we could remove the soot and fire smell. These guys came in, wasn't pushy, have me the options and completed the job. Great work.

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