Fire Damage Restoration from Candles in New Jersey

Candle fire is an accidental event and it's a very common type of residential fire in New Jersey. Even a moment of carelessness can lead to devastating consequences. Being panicked and stressed is normal if you have already experienced fire from candles. 

PDQ Fire & Water Damage Restoration is here to support you through this difficult time. Since 2010, we have been offering fire damage restoration reputedly to our clients in  Lafayette, Livingston, Kingston, and surrounding areas. Our professionals provide compassionate services. We make sure you get back your property swiftly.

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Most Common Causes of Candle Fire

  • Unattended candles: The leading cause of fires is unattended candle burning. Even a momentary lack of attention can lead to disaster.
  • Flammable Material: Place candles away from flammable materials like curtains, bedding or decorations.
  • Knocked over Candles: A candle knocked over by accident can ignite objects or surfaces nearby, resulting in a fire.
  • Children & Pets: Children or pets that are curious may knock candles over or accidentally come into contact with an open flame, causing a fire.
  • Improper Use of Candles: If you do not follow the proper guidelines for candle use, such as trimming the wicks or using appropriate holders, or extinguishing them before leaving a space, it can lead to fires.
  • Overloaded Surfaces: Too many candles placed on one surface can cause a fire, especially if it is unstable or flammable.
  • Electrical Failures: Electric candles are a fire hazard if they malfunction, or if the cords are damaged or plugged in too long.
  • Igniting Close Objects: Inflamming clothing or papers with a nearby candle flame can cause a fire to spread quickly.

Safe Removal of Smoke Residue & Soot

Even though candle fires are usually small, they can leave behind unpleasant surprises like smoke residue and soot. Not only can they create an offensive odor, but they also pose a health risk if handled improperly. We know how important it is to remove smoke and soot safely and thoroughly after a fire in a home.

We use specialized equipment to remove soot and smoke residue from furniture, walls, ceilings, and other items. Wearing the proper protective gear and containing soot in order to prevent further contamination is our top priority. Our cleaning techniques are gentle and effective.

No Odor Guarantee by PDQ Fire & Water Damage Restoration

With our No-Odor Guarantee, you can rest assured that won't be your reality. We go beyond simply removing smoke residue. We are 100% committed to eliminating all odors caused by the fire damage we're mitigating.

Our comprehensive approach doesn't stop at replacing drywall or flooring. We understand that odors can return if not treated properly. That's why we use advanced technology like hydroxyl generators and air scrubbers. These tools safely and effectively neutralize odor molecules.

Our multi-step process includes HEPA vacuuming, pairing agents to neutralize odor, and additional deodorizing techniques like thermal fogging (safe for people and pets) when necessary. We even seal surfaces to prevent hidden odors from resurfacing.

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By working with us, your business will benefit from a local company that values personalized service and attention. Our team will work with your insurance company to streamline the claim process.

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