Clogged Drain Overflow Clean Up in New Jersey

As drains are the receiving end of, majority of the wastes, it is inevitable that it will clog without timely maintenance. A clogged drain is a fast paced ticket to a flooded toilet, water damage, spread of infectious diseases and skin diseases from contaminated toilet water, mold growth threatening structural damage, cross contamination of sinks, bathtubs and every other bathroom fittings. At PDQ Restoration we offer every necessary cleanup and restoration service required during the aftermath of a clogged drain overflow. You will find our team of IICRC certified service providers, available 24/7 ready to help. We have facilities at Allendale, Alpine, Andover and other areas all across New Jersey Contact us at 973-447-3363 to reach us at one of our several service centers across New Jersey

Consequences of a clogged drain

  • Burst Pipes: Internal water pressure from a clogged drain causes pipes to burst

  • Spread of infectious diseases and skin diseases from toilet flooding: contaminated water from a flooded toilet spreads infectious and skin diseases

  • Broad scale property damage: Both cross contamination and water damage wise flooding is meant to cause property damage

  • Mold growth: Water damage or moisture from incomplete cleaning and drying will trigger mold growth
  • Water damage: flooding from overflow cause both water contamination and damage
  • Cross contamination: Toilet water flooding from overflow creates cross contaminations to all other belongings in the house in worst case scenario

Contact PDQ Restoration for thorough cleanup and restoration services of clogged drain overflow:

  • Flood damage services by PDQ Restoration:

  • Toilet Overflow: structural damages, health hazards, water contamination, damaged furniture, appliances etc.

  • Flood and Structural damage restoration

  • Burst pipe restoration

During a troublesome clogged drain, overflowing rely on PDQ Restoration to come to the rescue

We provide a complete range of cleanup and restoration services that will bring your property back from all clogged drain overflow damages. Call us at 973-447-3363 we have local facilities in Clinton, Dover and areas all over New Jersey