Fire Damage Restoration & Water Damage Restoration in Morris Plains

PDQ Restoration provides the best available fire damage restoration and water damage restoration services for customers in Morris Plains and throughout our New Jersey service area. Our certified technicians serve both residential and commercial customers, including emergency crews that are standing by on a 24/7/365 basis.

Some of our most popular services for homeowners and business owners include:

For years, the proven professionals at PDQ Restoration have handled everything from smoke damage restoration & odor removal services to water extraction, dehumidifying, industrial drying, contents cleaning, and many other water damage restoration services. To learn more about our products and services in Morris Plains, give us a call at 973-447-3363 or click here to schedule an appointment today. When you need it restored ASAP, be sure to call PDQ Restoration!

Services Offered by PDQ Restoration in Morris Plains

PDQ Restoration Services

As a company that focuses on fire damage restoration & water damage restoration services, our crews are as good as it gets in Morris Plains and its surrounding communities when it comes to experience, expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, and customer service. Reach out to us when you need help with:

Our expert service team will make sure that all the building codes and requirements are adhered to as we rebuild your residence or business in Morris Plains. We also provide assistance with your insurance claim.

Trust PDQ with Your Fire & Water Damage Restoration Needs in Morris Plains

When a flood, fire, storm, or heavy winds damage your property in Morris Plains, you can rely on the proven professionals from PDQ Restoration to arrive at your property ASAP with the most comprehensive fire damage restoration & water damage restoration services available. For years, we have set the industry standard for residential and commercial customers when it comes to restoration services within our New Jersey service area. Call us at 973-447-3363 to learn more or click here to schedule an appointment today with one of our certified craftsmen!

More About Morris Plains

Morris Plains, NJ is located in Morris County and was established in 1926. The town is known as a bedroom community in which most people with jobs travel to work in New York City as commuters. Morris Plains has the Morris Plains Fire Association that was created in 1907 and serves the surrounding area. This fire department was created after the Weise Hotel Fire in 1906 where the building caught on fire and spread to the two stores connected to the hotel. PDQ has specialized technicians in removing the health hazards caused from fires, including soot and contaminated air, as well as other natural affects such as flooding or mold infestation.

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Customer Reviews from Morris Plains ( 5 out of 1 reviews )

  • Morris Plains, NJ | November 15, 2019
  • Posted on Facebook

Had a leak from the hot water feed to my dishwasher. Water underneath the laminate floor in the kitchen and the ceiling and walls of the kitchen in the condo unit below me. Called PDQ and Elizabeth had a guy at my house within 30 minutes. Chris was extremely professional, explained everything clearly and began immediately. He stayed until both units were completely cleaned up and dryers in place.

Completed Jobs from Morris Plains

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May 31, 2024 | Morris Plains, NJ

After David M. from Morris Plains called PDQ Restoration our team showed up to stabilize the situation. First the contents division removed all affected contents and cleared out the area that would need material removal. The basement area was damp and had humidity so the appropriate amount of fans and dehumidifiers were used in order to get the property dry. There were moisture maps set up to ensure all areas were brought to their original dry standard.

July 07, 2024 | Morris Plains, NJ

PDQ Restoration arrived at Aaron P.'s house in Morris Plains and initially started on stabilization and content pack out. This included removing all standing water and placing the appropriate amount of fans and dehumidifiers. Afterwards PDQ answered all of Aaron's questions and made daily checks on the status of the drying. PDQ was able to return all affected areas to the original dry standard of the unaffected areas. The humidity and original damp atmosphere were returned to normal.

April 18, 2024 | Morris Plains, NJ

Upon receiving Thomas P.'s call from Morris Plains, NJ, PDQ Restoration promptly dispatched our certified team to assess the puffback damage. We conducted a thorough inspection to evaluate the extent of soot and smoke residue throughout the affected areas. Using advanced cleaning techniques and "hydroxyl" technology, we meticulously removed soot deposits and neutralized lingering odors from surfaces and belongings. Our restoration process included comprehensive cleaning of walls, ceilings, and furniture to ensure every trace of soot was effectively eliminated. Throughout the restoration journey, we communicated closely with Thomas, providing updates and ensuring he was satisfied with the restoration progress until his home was fully restored to a clean and safe environment.

February 07, 2024 | Morris Plains, NJ

Upon receiving Grayson P.'s call from Morris Plains, NJ, PDQ Restoration promptly dispatched a team to assess the water damage situation. We began by shutting off the water supply to prevent further leakage. Our certified technicians then utilized advanced water extraction equipment to remove standing water and moisture from the affected areas. We thoroughly dried the wet carpet and walls using high-capacity dehumidifiers and air movers to prevent mold growth. Additionally, we applied antimicrobial treatments to disinfect and deodorize the basement, ensuring a safe and clean environment. Finally, we conducted a comprehensive inspection to confirm the restoration was complete, providing Grayson with peace of mind and a fully restored basement.

March 19, 2024 | Morris Plains, NJ

Upon arriving at Noah P.'s home in Morris Plains, NJ, PDQ Restoration conducted a comprehensive assessment of the electrical fire damage in the basement. We used advanced equipment to remove soot and thoroughly clean all affected surfaces. To address the persistent odor, we deployed hydroxyl generators, which effectively neutralized the smell without the use of harmful chemicals. Our team also inspected the electrical system to ensure safety and prevent future incidents. Finally, we provided detailed recommendations for ongoing maintenance to help Noah maintain a safe and healthy home environment.