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Disinfecting Service in New Jersey

PDQ Fire & Water Damage Restoration offers professional disinfecting services in New Jersey. We are a locally owned and operated company, so we know the local laws and regulations very well. For over a decade, we have been providing a comprehensive solution for both residential and commercial spaces.

We go beyond surface cleaning, using registered disinfectants. Our technicians are skilled and certified. We know how to eliminate bacteria and viruses safely. Our professionals are available 24/7 to respond to your call.


Commercial Disinfecting Service

Commercial spaces, including offices, retail stores, schools, and medical facilities, require regular disinfecting. Regular cleaning and disinfecting maintain a healthy environment for employees, customers, and visitors.

Our cleaning technicians are highly experienced. We know the importance of maintaining a well-sanitized setting. We are committed to reducing potentially harmful pathogens and ensuring a clean environment for all occupants.  

How Often to Clean and Disinfect Commercial Spaces

The frequency of cleaning and disinfecting commercial spaces depends on various factors, including

  • Type of business
  • Number of occupants
  • Level of traffic

Generally, high-touch areas such as doorknobs, light switches, countertops, and restrooms should be disinfected daily. For businesses with high foot traffic or those in healthcare and food service industries, more frequent disinfecting may be necessary.

residential disinfecting

Residential Disinfecting for a Safe Lifestyle

Residential disinfecting is essential for maintaining a safe and healthy lifestyle, especially in today's world where hygiene is paramount. At PDQ Fire & Water Damage Restoration, we offer comprehensive residential disinfecting services designed to keep your home safe and sanitized. Our technicians use safe disinfectants and follow strict protocols to ensure thorough cleaning of every corner of your home.

When to Clean Surfaces in Your Home

In residential settings, it’s important to clean and disinfect surfaces regularly to prevent the spread of illnesses. High-touch areas such as kitchen counters, bathroom surfaces, doorknobs, and electronic devices should be disinfected frequently. Additionally, routine cleaning and disinfecting of common areas such as living rooms and dining areas can help maintain a healthy home environment.

CoronaVirus cleanup

CoronaVirus Cleanup

The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened the importance of effective disinfecting practices. Our Coronavirus cleanup services are designed to thoroughly disinfect and sanitize spaces, reducing the risk of virus transmission. We follow the guidelines and use no harsh disinfectants to ensure comprehensive cleaning. Our professionals are equipped to handle both residential and commercial spaces.

medical facilities disinfecting

Medical Facilities Disinfecting

Medical facilities, including hospitals, clinics, and dental offices, require strict disinfecting protocols. We know how to professionally disinfect the medical facilities. We use PPE to protect our technicians against the environment, the chemicals used for disinfection, and the germs being disinfected.  Our certified specialists follow high standards of cleanliness required in healthcare settings.

Professionals Know Where & How to Clean

Effective disinfecting requires knowledge and expertise. Our team of experts is specially trained to identify high-risk areas and apply disinfecting techniques that ensure comprehensive pathogen removal. When it comes to maintaining a hygienic environment, we have the expertise to ensure that every corner is thoroughly sanitized.

Trained & Knowledgeable Staff

PDQ Fire & Water Damage Restoration is proud to have specially trained staff that are experts in cleaning and disinfecting. Our staff undergoes extensive training to make sure they have the knowledge and skills to deal with any situation. To ensure the highest level of hygiene, we follow the guidelines set by authoritative bodies.

Our staff receives training in a variety of areas, such as chemical handling safety, the proper use of personal protective gear (PPE) and effective disinfection protocol. This extensive training allows us the precision and care to clean both commercial and residential spaces.

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What is The Difference between Cleaning & Disinfecting?

Cleaning involves removing dirt, dust, and impurities from surfaces. This process typically uses soap or detergent and water to physically eliminate debris and reduce the number of germs. While cleaning improves the appearance and reduces some germs, it does not kill all pathogens.

Disinfecting, on the other hand, involves using chemical agents specifically designed to kill germs on surfaces. Disinfectants are applied after cleaning to ensure that bacteria, viruses, and fungi are effectively eliminated. This process is essential for reducing the risk of infections and ensuring a safer environment.

Schedule an Appointment to Disinfect Your Home or Business Place

Ensuring a clean and safe environment for your family, employees, and customers is more important than ever. PDQ Fire & Water Damage Restoration is your reliable partner for all of your cleaning, disinfection, and restoration services. For over a decade, we have been serving our clients in Milford, Bridgewater, Dover, and nearby New Jersey areas. We respond to your emergencies and disinfect the area professionally. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction. Contact us to discuss your needs or to schedule an appointment.