Fire Damage Restoration & Water Damage Restoration in Parsippany

PDQ Restoration provides the best available fire damage restoration and water damage restoration services for customers in Parsippany and throughout our New Jersey service area. Our certified technicians serve both residential and commercial customers, including emergency crews that are standing by on a 24/7/365 basis.

Some of our most popular services for homeowners and business owners include:

For years, the proven professionals at PDQ Restoration have handled everything from smoke damage restoration & odor removal services to water extraction, dehumidifying, industrial drying, contents cleaning, and many other water damage restoration services. To learn more about our products and services in Parsippany, give us a call at 973-447-3363 or click here to schedule an appointment today. When you need it restored ASAP, be sure to call PDQ Restoration!

Services Offered by PDQ Restoration in Parsippany

PDQ Restoration Services

As a company that focuses on fire damage restoration & water damage restoration services, our crews are as good as it gets in Parsippany and its surrounding communities when it comes to experience, expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, and customer service. Reach out to us when you need help with:

Our expert service team will make sure that all the building codes and requirements are adhered to as we rebuild your residence or business in Parsippany. We also provide assistance with your insurance claim.

Trust PDQ with Your Fire & Water Damage Restoration Needs in Parsippany

When a flood, fire, storm, or heavy winds damage your property in Parsippany, you can rely on the proven professionals from PDQ Restoration to arrive at your property ASAP with the most comprehensive fire damage restoration & water damage restoration services available. For years, we have set the industry standard for residential and commercial customers when it comes to restoration services within our New Jersey service area. Call us at 973-447-3363 to learn more or click here to schedule an appointment today with one of our certified craftsmen!

More About Parsippany

Parsippany, NJ is a town located in Morris County and was formed in 1928. The area was originally inhabited by Lenni Lenape Native Americans after being owned by the Dutch settlers. Parsippany is made up of numerous lakes and rivers, such as Lake Parsippany, Lake Intervale, Rainbow Lake, and Rockaway River. Parsippany is known to have very solid protection against fires, with over six fire departments in the township servicing a wide area of residential and commercial buildings. PDQ Restoration is knowledgeable in the remediation of homes affected by floods from these bodies of water and house fires on any scale, from cleaning to removing items from any building affected.

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Customer Reviews from Parsippany ( 5 out of 2 reviews )

  • Parsippany, NJ | July 19, 2019
  • Posted on Facebook

I couldn't have been happier with their quick response and assistance guiding me through the process of my bathroom leal and damage to my kitchen ceiling.

  • Parsippany, NJ | January 24, 2016
  • Posted on Google

We had a small fire in our kitchen and what a mess it made. The fire department was great and came right away but got everything wet. I asked who to call and PDQ's name came up. They came right out within an hour and began to dry it out. After that they cleaned the soot and deodorized the house. They did a fantastic job and would highly recommend them.

Completed Jobs from Parsippany

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January 04, 2024 | Parsippany, NJ

PDQ documented the surface and made sure the furnace was fixed first. After they began documenting and cleaning effected contents. Next they brought in a professional cleaning team that cleaned the whole entire house using disinfectant along with scrubbing parts that were more badly damaged. Hydroxyls were placed on each floor to eliminate the sooty odor that was left behind. The house was brought back to its original condition.

December 21, 2023 | Parsippany, NJ

PDQ came to the scene and documented the source and all areas of mold. Ceiling tile and parts of the wall were removed containing the most dense amount of mold. Other areas of light mold were thoroughly scrubbed and wiped down with an antimicrobial solution to prevent the growth of any mold in the future. Fans and dehumidifiers were set up to bring the moisture levels back down. All debris was HEPA vacuumed up at the end and all surfaces were wiped down once more.

November 21, 2023 | Parsippany, NJ

PDQ came in with a professional cleaning time and used a top down approach to clean every single surface in the home. Soot had spread to all ends of the house and PDQ made sure to reach all of it. Hydroxyls were put in place to rid the home of the soot smell. Disinfectant was used to clean all surfaces once more. The home was brought back to its original condition.

October 05, 2023 | Parsippany, NJ

PDQ came in and performed multiple flood cuts in the living room and basement closet, sprayed antimicrobial, HEPA vacuumed all remaining debris, and covered all content in plastic wrap.

September 15, 2023 | Parsippany, NJ

PDQ responded within an hour and arrived at the scene. Immediate action was taken on the mold by cutting out any and all spots with the mold. Surrounding walls were damp so fans were placed to bring down moisture levels.