Hidden Leaks in Water Pipe: Restoration & Repair

Damage from hidden water leaks to your house and belongings can be extremely severe as you are not aware of it. Minor water damage leads to huge water damage as well as property damage, structural damage, and wood floor damage if not repaired in a timely manner.

However, you can prevent potential water damage and additional damage by finding water leaks as soon as possible. At the same time, you can save money by fixing the leaks earlier.

Ways to Find Hidden Water Leaks

Water meter: Check the water meter thoroughly. Turn all the faucets in your home off and then check the water meter. If the meter is still running, there is no doubt that you have a water leak.
Water-dropping sound: When all the faucets are turned off and you can still hear water running, you have a water leak.
Wet wall & water drip: You may have a water leak if you notice visible wetness in your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room. If you don't get a water leak fixed right away, it can mess up your house and lead to mold growth.
Mold growth: You will find mold in your walls if the water pipes are leaking because a leaking pipe in your walls creates a perfect environment for mold to grow.
Musty smell: Damp walls and mold create an unsettled environment in your home. If you find that the atmosphere in your home is musty, there is a huge possibility of water leakage.
Water bill: If you have a water leak, you will increase your water bill. That's why you should monitor your water bill and compare it with previous records.

What to do after Detecting a Water Leak?

  • First, turn off your emergency water valve immediately after detecting it, to stop the water flow. So that the water leak doesn’t damage your property badly.
  • Contact professionals to fix your leaky faucets or pipe. Professionals can repair your leaky pipe properly in a short time as they are very experienced in this sector.
  • After fixing the water leaks, you should monitor your water bill, and water meter regularly so that you will be able to understand if there are any changes.
  • You should prevent frozen pipes, as the frozen pipe gets burst if the temperature decreases much and cause water or property damage.

Rely on PDQ Restoration for Restoring and Repairing Water Pipe Leaks

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