Repair The Roof Leak from Water Damage in New Jersey

A minor roof leak issue can turn into something serious if not treated properly. Starting from a small leakage, the leaky roof can result in water damage to your home's inside and exterior, including staining and damaged drywall as well as more serious long-term impacts including mold growth, insect infestations, and other destructive incidents. If this water damage lasts long, this could even cause structural damage to your property. PDQ Fire & Water Damage Restoration provides a full-length repair and restoration service for your residential and commercial properties.

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What Are The Major Reasons for Roof Leakage?

Knowing what's causing the leak is necessary before you can stop it and fix the internal damage. To fix the water leak and stop more problems, the core cause should be identified first. Damage to the roof is often the cause of leaks, however, this damage can take many various forms. The potential reasons might include:

Professional roof leak water damage restoration service
  • Roof aging: If the roof has reached the end of its usability, leaks may form within the home, and as time passes, both the quantity and the intensity of the leaks may develop.
  • Broken or missing shingles: Due to aging, there can be broken or missing shingles on the roof which can let the water intrude inside your house.
  • Clogged guttering system: Dead leaves, twigs, and dirt frequently become stuck in gutters. When this material gathers, it will prevent rain from freely draining or falling away from the home, which might result in a leaking roof.
  • Improper sealing in the valleys: A roof valley's purpose is to facilitate water drainage from the roof. The valley, however, may also be a source of roof leaks if it isn't effectively sealed.
  • Damaged chimney: Water may leak through your chimney's fractures and create a water pool, which might result in structural damage to your property.

Count on PDQ Fire & Water Damage Restoration to Keep Away All Roofing-Troubles

We are a locally owned and operated business since 2010. Our IICRC-certified technicians handle all the repair processes as if the damage has happened to us. We have a variety of water damage services - emergency water restoration, appliance failure, burst pipe, toilet overflow, and more. To get our 24/7 emergency services, make a call at 973-447-3363 or visit the provided link here.