Water & Fire Damage Restoration in East Hanover, NJ

East Hanover Township in Morris County, New Jersey is a highly desirable residential area, with a mix of suburban and rural environments. The good news is that, in the event of unexpected water or fire damage issues, East Hanover residents can count on PDQ Fire & Water Damage Restoration. We are 24/7 available to serve you in these types of situations. Just dial 973-447-3363 for restoration assistance or click here if you have any queries.

PDQ Fire & Water Restoration: Your Top Choice for Restoration!

PDQ Fire & Water Damage Restoration stands as the preferred choice for restoration services. Our dedicated team can ensure prompt and effective assistance during any emergencies and swiftly address fire and water damage concerns. With a commitment to excellence, we pride ourselves on restoring your damaged property to its pre-damage state

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Selecting PDQ Fire & Water Damage Restoration for your restoration needs comes with numerous advantages:

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With unwavering dedication, our experienced team stands ready to tackle your restoration needs with expertise and efficiency. From fire damage to water damage, we've got you covered. Our priority is restoring your peace of mind, so you can trust us to handle the complexities while you focus on getting back to normal. Rest assured, we're here to bring effective solutions to your restoration challenges. 

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Contact us now, and let PDQ Fire & Water Damage Restoration be the answer to your water and fire damage restoration needs. We are dedicated to restoring your peace of mind swiftly and effectively. Just dial 973-447-3363 or click here to get your property back to its best condition and regain your sense of security. 


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  • East Hanover, NJ | January 12, 2016
  • Posted on Google

I had a garage fire that was awful. PDQ came to my house right after it happened and I am very glad they did. The situation was bad, but these guys knew what they were doing. I had a lot of smoke in the house that stunk. I don't know how, but they cleaned up my house and more importantly got rid of that stink! Hats off to Rob, John and Tim. Nice company, fast and know what they are doing.

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December 14, 2023 | East Hanover, NJ

PDQ brought in a team to begin documenting all rooms and items. Then the cleaning team was brought in to box and damaged contents and clean the rest in other rooms in the house. Then using a top down approach the whole entire house as cleaned thoroughly. Hydroxyls were placed on each floor to eliminate the strong odor from the soot. The house was brought back to its original condition before the fire.

October 27, 2023 | East Hanover, NJ

PDQ came in with a professional cleaning team. Every single surface was cleaned and disinfected from the top down. The HVAC system was professionally cleaned.

June 29, 2023 | East Hanover, NJ

PDQ suggested that a portion of the staircase drywall needed to be cut to look for mold, which was found. We discovered that a leak in the second-floor bathroom shower was the likely reason for the mold. The homeowner was informed that the shower may have to be demoed.

October 18, 2021 | East Hanover, NJ

PDQ immediately set up hydroxyl generators to help with the deodorization as well as air scrubbers on each floor to help eliminate the air borne soot. Multiple teams stated the next day to clean the floor walls and ceiling