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PDQ Restoration Is Unlike Any Other Company

  • We are the only restoration company in NJ to offer 3 unique guarantees.
  • We are a local, family-owned business.
  • One of the highest reviewed companies in NJ.
  • We treat each property as if it is our home and our family.
  • We work for you, not your insurance company.
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3 Things That Make PDQ Pretty Darn Unique

No Odor Guarantee

No Odor Guarantee

Many things set PDQ apart. One of them is our “No Odor Guarantee.”

This is our promise to you that you will not live with the unpleasant, often intolerable, and possibly dangerous odor left behind after experiencing a loss on your property, such as from fire/smoke, water or sewage damage.

This covers any odor that is the direct result of the loss that PDQ is mitigating. Our work is not complete until all odors from the original loss have been eliminated.

Removing and replacing drywall, insulation, or flooring without a proper deodorization process is a mistake. Odors will return if they are not treated properly.

10 Step Sanitizing Process

We stand behind the quality of our cleaning with “PDQ’s 10 Step Sanitizing Guarantee.”

It’s not enough to simply remove the affected materials and then place air movers. If the property is not cleaned and sanitized correctly before placing the air movers, harmful bacteria and particulate matter will become airborne.

Our Sanitizing Process

Don’t let a contractor or adjuster cut corners on your safety in order to save money!

  1. Extract all standing liquids while wearing the proper personal protective equipment.
  2. Set up containment to minimize spreading harmful air to unaffected areas of the house.
  3. Install air scrubbers and dehumidifiers to stabilize the affected area.
  4. Install hydroxyl generator(s) for deodorization and to sanitize the air.
  5. Remove all affected porous materials.
  6. Scrub and sanitize with part 1 enzyme cleaner.
  7. Rewet and extract again to remove part 1.
  8. Scrub and sanitize with part 2 enzyme cleaner.
  9. Final extraction.
  10. Spray with hospital grade antimicrobial/disinfectant.
Cross Section of a Wall Where Water Can Bound

Certified Dry Guarantee

  1. PDQ will stay on the job until we have reached your property’s dry standard and have provided you with "Dry Logs" to validate that we have done what we were hired to do.
  2. We will not leave or remove drying equipment until we can show that dry standards have been met.
  3. We will not leave bound water in floors or sill plates.
  4. We will not leave if moisture content is at a level that would support mold growth.
  5. This Guarantee applies on work completed after the cause of the loss has been repaired or resolved.
  6. We don’t answer to insurance adjusters or claims handlers. We only answer to our customers. If the property is not dried to your property's dry standard, there is a high probability of mold and rot.
The Standard of Care

What Is The Standard Of Care?

The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is the leading source for creating the standard of care for how restoration work is to be performed. It is recognized by all insurance carriers. The S500 specifically is the standard for water damage, S700 is for smoke and fire damage, and the S520 is for mold remediation.

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Pdq Promise to Our Customers

PDQ Promise To Our Customers

  • We promise to treat every property like it is our own.
  • We promise to put your needs ahead of the insurance company.
  • We promise to communicate throughout the project so there are no surprises.
  • We promise to follow the IICRC standard of care at all times.
  • We promise to sanitize your property correctly, dry to our Certified Dry standards, and leave no odor.
  • We promise to stay on the job until it is done correctly and you are completely satisfied.
  • We promise to work hard to earn a 5-star review.