Fire Damage Restoration & Water Damage Restoration in Kinnelon

PDQ Restoration provides the best available fire damage restoration and water damage restoration services for customers in Kinnelon and throughout our New Jersey service area. Our certified technicians serve both residential and commercial customers, including emergency crews that are standing by on a 24/7/365 basis.

Some of our most popular services for homeowners and business owners include:

For years, the proven professionals at PDQ Restoration have handled everything from smoke damage restoration & odor removal services to water extraction, dehumidifying, industrial drying, contents cleaning, and many other water damage restoration services. To learn more about our products and services in Kinnelon, give us a call at 973-447-3363 or click here to schedule an appointment today. When you need it restored ASAP, be sure to call PDQ Restoration!

Services Offered by PDQ Restoration in Kinnelon

PDQ Restoration Services

As a company that focuses on fire damage restoration & water damage restoration services, our crews are as good as it gets in Kinnelon and its surrounding communities when it comes to experience, expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, and customer service. Reach out to us when you need help with:

Our expert service team will make sure that all the building codes and requirements are adhered to as we rebuild your residence or business in Kinnelon. We also provide assistance with your insurance claim.

Trust PDQ with Your Fire & Water Damage Restoration Needs in Kinnelon

When a flood, fire, storm, or heavy winds damage your property in Kinnelon, you can rely on the proven professionals from PDQ Restoration to arrive at your property ASAP with the most comprehensive fire damage restoration & water damage restoration services available. For years, we have set the industry standard for residential and commercial customers when it comes to restoration services within our New Jersey service area. Call us at 973-447-3363 to learn more or click here to schedule an appointment today with one of our certified craftsmen!

More About Kinnelon

Kinnelon, a beautiful borough in Morris County, NJ, is only listed on the moderate level of risk of flooding for most of the city in the 30 day flood plan. In case of a fire or other emergency, the town is protected by an amazing of volunteers from the Kinnelon Volunteer Fire Company. The city is known for their beautiful parks and recreation. PDQ is there to help any of the citizens of Kinnelon if they have a flood due to broken/burst pipes from freezing temperatures, a fire or any other type of emergency.

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Customer Reviews from Kinnelon ( 5 out of 3 reviews )

  • Kinnelon, NJ | July 18, 2022
  • Posted on Google

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness Amazing response, excellent and thorough work, friendly and professional staff. Did a great job cleaning up water damage after a "sink incident". Can't recommend enough! Service: Water damage-related cleanup & repair

  • Kinnelon, NJ | October 14, 2021
  • Posted on Google

After 2 different issues, PDQ mitigated both fire and water damage in my home. Cheryl, Eddie, Denyse and the entire team was always courteous and respectful of us and our home. They communicated with us and helped us navigate the mitigation process. Thank you for your help in getting life back to normal.

  • Kinnelon, NJ | January 31, 2021
  • Posted on Google

Testimonials from Kinnelon

February 01, 2022

A flooded basement is a traumatic event for anyone, but when I discovered mine was flooded thanks to a broken air conditioner, PDQ Restoration saved the day!

Completed Jobs from Kinnelon

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April 22, 2024 | Kinnelon, NJ

PDQ Restoration swiftly responded to Logan T.’s fire damage emergency in Kinnelon, NJ. Our team commenced with a thorough assessment of the property to evaluate the extent of damage. We then initiated a meticulous cleanup process, utilizing specialized equipment to remove soot and smoke residues from surfaces. Our technicians employed HEPA air scrubbers to purify the indoor air quality, eliminating lingering odors caused by smoke. Additionally, we implemented a "hydroxyl" generator to further neutralize odors at the molecular level. Finally, we provided comprehensive restoration services to repair and refurbish damaged areas, ensuring Logan’s home was fully restored to its pre-fire condition.

March 10, 2024 | Kinnelon, NJ

PDQ Restoration quickly responded to Henry T.'s emergency in Kinnelon, NJ. Our experienced team began by conducting a thorough assessment of the fire damage, focusing on areas affected by soot and smoke odor. We cleaned all surfaces to remove soot and debris and used specialized equipment, including hydroxyl generators, to neutralize the smoke odor and improve air quality. Additionally, we repaired fire-damaged structures to ensure the home was safe and sound. Our comprehensive restoration process restored Henry's home to its pre-fire condition, providing him with peace of mind and a clean, healthy living environment.

March 18, 2024 | Kinnelon, NJ

PDQ Restoration quickly responded to Isabella T.'s call in Kinnelon, NJ. Our team conducted a thorough inspection to identify all areas affected by mold and the underlying water damage. We carefully removed the mold-contaminated materials and treated the affected areas with antimicrobial solutions to prevent future growth. To address the moisture issue, we repaired the leaky pipe and used industrial-grade dehumidifiers and fans to dry out the space completely. Our comprehensive approach ensured that Isabella’s home was restored to a safe, mold-free environment, providing her with peace of mind and a healthy living space.

March 12, 2024 | Kinnelon, NJ

PDQ immediately arrived on site and set up containment and removed the shower wall as well as part of the ceiling downstairs. Sprayed antimicrobial and cleaned the affected areas. Setup equipment such as air scrubbers, dehumidifiers and air movers to dry out the property to dry standards.

December 09, 2023 | Kinnelon, NJ

PDQ came in and documented all areas of mold. The stove was carefully removed and the area of the wall with the mold on it was cut out and removed. Antimicrobial was sprayed on surrounding surfaces. All debris and dust was then HEPA vacuumed up after.