Shower and Tub Overflow Clean Up in New Jersey

Shower trays and bath tubs are by nature given their use as a cesspool of germs and bacteria. In case of water overflow from a flooded toilet these infectious contaminants spread with the water risking and forming a hotbed of diseases. It can also pose a fast increasing human health hazard. In times of emergencies of this nature calling for professional clean up services for help is of utmost importance and the only logical decision as a first response.

We at PDQ Restoration are available 24/7 for emergencies relating to overflowing flooded toilets. In your time of cleaning services need contact us at 973-447-3363. We have local facilities all across New Jersey including Bloomingdale, Sussex, Passaic and several other New Jersey areas.

Severe risks from the aftermath of a flooded shower or tub

An untimely response for calling professionals during toilet flooding poses extreme human health hazard risks. Call PDQ Restoration for 24/7 availability and fast show up time in times of shower and tub overflow toilet flooding.

Extreme hygiene and human health threat: It is obvious that flooding from toilet water is the gateway to turning your house into a cesspool. To mitigate the extent of cross contamination, the immediate decision as a first response should be to call a professionals. At PDQ Restoration from the time of our customer’s call we arrive at the site in 29 minutes on average.

Building threat: An untimely decision will make your neighbors become collateral damage causing them to suffer the same emergency situation and worst mold formation will threaten the structural integrity of the building.

Cross contamination of the sanitary fittings like commodes: A late clean up means further and longer extent of cross contamination and it will take longer to clean up and adequately sanitize back to proper, safe hygienic standards.

Call the professionals at PDQ Restoration immediately for shower and tub overflow emergencies

Calling a professional cleaning and restoration service in case of such a health hazardous emergency should be the practical first response. For peak customer satisfaction, contact PDQ Restorations at 973-447-3363 . We have local service centers in Maplewood, AsburyAugustaand several other cities across New Jersey.