Where do we live after a house fire?

Most policies have ALE (Additional Living Expenses) coverage, which would pay for your food and lodging if needed.

Steps to take

Hose fire in NJ
  • You are responsible to board up and secure your property ASAP.
  • If you can’t stay with friends or family then find a reasonably priced hotel that is large enough for you and your family, pets included.
  • The American Red Cross and Salvation Army are 2 great sources for some immediate help.
  • Any items that you take with you from the fire will possibly have a strong odor, place them in a plastic bag or they will make your car or hotel smell.
  • Order out or go to reasonably priced restaurants.
  • Keep all your receipts.
  • Your adjuster maybe able to advance you some funds to help with your out of pocket expenses.
  • Download our ALE (Inventory Loss Sheet) reimbursement form
  • Enter in all the receipts and save them as well.
  • Submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement.
  • If the cleanup of your property will take more than a few days, your adjuster will help with finding you a rental home to live in.
  • Insurance policies typically will pay like-for-like. Meaning if you have a 4-bedroom home, you should be able to rent a similar home while waiting for the repairs to be completed.
  • Have a local trusted real estate agent figure out what your property should rent for and submit that to your insurance. They should allow you the same amount to find a rental.
    • Always verify with your adjuster before renting another place and get it in writing.