What Sort of Floods Does Insurance Typically Cover?

Floods are one of the most common and destructive disasters. It causes significant damage to homes and properties. While many homeowners assume that their standard home insurance policies will cover flood-related losses, the reality is quite different.

Flood insurance is a specialized policy designed to protect against specific types of floods. In this blog post, we will explore the types of floods that insurance typically covers and the importance of securing flood insurance.

Flood damaged house and restoration equipment

Types of Floods Covered by Insurance for Homeowners

Homeowners' insurance typically covers certain types of water-related damage, but it's important to understand that it generally does not cover damage caused by natural floods. Here are the types of water-related events that homeowners' insurance typically covers:

Sudden and Accidental Flood

Homeowners' insurance usually covers damage caused by sudden and accidental events within your home. This may include:

Sewage backup and flood restoration equipment

Sewer Backup and Water Damage

Many homeowners' insurance policies offer optional endorsements or riders to cover damage resulting from sewer backup or water backing up through drains or toilets into your home. This coverage is not part of the standard policy but can be added for an additional premium.

Flooded floor water extraction service

Water & Flood Damage from Plumbing Leaks

If a plumbing leak occurs due to sudden and unexpected events, such as a pipe bursting, it is typically covered. However, gradual leaks or damage caused by a lack of maintenance may not be covered.

Flood from Appliance Malfunctions or Leaks

If your home appliances, such as your water heater, malfunction and cause water damage, the damage may be covered by your homeowners' insurance, provided the malfunction was sudden and accidental.

Flood water damage restoration equipments

Insurance for Natural Flood

It's important to note that while homeowners' insurance covers these types of water-related events, it typically does not cover damage caused by natural floods. For coverage against floods, homeowners need to purchase a separate flood insurance policy. Flood insurance can protect against flooding from external sources, like

  • Heavy rainfall
  • Flood from storm
  • River overflow & more

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) in the United States offers flood insurance, and private insurance companies may also provide this coverage. To ensure you have the right coverage for your specific needs, carefully review your homeowners' insurance policy, discuss any concerns with your insurance agent, and consider adding endorsements or riders for additional protection if necessary.

Your Home Is Damaged by Flood?

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