How Do You Know If Smoke Damage Is Being Cleaned Up Properly?

Dealing with the aftermath of a fire is no picnic, and one of the major headaches that come with it is smoke damage. But how can you know if the cleanup is actually on track? In this blog, we'll dig into some indicative signs that'll help you figure out if your smoke damage is getting cleaned up properly.

Smoke damage and water mitigation service

The Initial Assessment Is Crucial

So, when the cleanup crew arrives after a fire, what's the first thing they do? They size up the situation. A proper assessment of smoke damage is crucial because it sets the stage for everything that comes next.

If you see the pros taking their time to examine not just what's obvious but also those sneaky hidden spots, that's a promising sign. You can assume that they are a reliable partner to restore your property.

Are They Following Proper Cleanup Process?

When it comes to smoke damage restoration, you want to make sure the job is being done right. Proper cleanup techniques are essential to ensure that your property is thoroughly cleaned and safe to inhabit. How do you know they are doing the cleanup properly? We are here to give you the proper knowledge. Let’s have a look on what process professionals really follow:

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Ensure restoration professionals wear masks, gloves, and coveralls for protection from harmful substances.
  • Air Quality Improvement: Verify proper ventilation and air filtration are in place to address smoky odors.
  • Structural Safety: Prioritize a safety assessment for structural damage and potential hazards before starting restoration.
  • Ventilation: Use fans, open windows, and air purifiers for effective smoke odor removal.
  • Surface Cleaning: Clean walls, ceilings, floors, and surfaces to remove soot and smoke residue.
  • Odor Removal: Employ specialized techniques and equipment to neutralize and eliminate smoke odors.
  • Repairs and Restoration: Address structural damage, replace materials if needed, and restore the appearance of affected areas.
  • HVAC Cleaning: Clean or replace HVAC components to prevent the spread of smoke particles.
  • Final Inspection: Conduct a thorough final inspection to ensure safety and cleanliness post-restoration.
Smoke Damaged kitchen after cleaning family enjoying together

Things to Check Out for An Effective Restoration

Once you've hired a smoke damage cleanup company, it's important to make sure they are following proper techniques. This will ensure that your property is cleaned up properly and that all of the smoke damage is removed.

Here are a few things you can do to make sure an effective cleanup:

  • Check the experience of the company
  • Look out the license or insurance of the company
  • Certifications of the technicians.
  • Before the work starts, get a written estimate.
  • Ensure that the work is completed and all smoke damage is removed.

Your Reliable Partner for Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

At PDQ Fire & Water Damage Restoration, we have the experience and expertise to clean up smoke damage properly. We use the latest technology and equipment to remove all traces of smoke, soot, and odor from your property.

We also offer a guaranteed satisfaction guarantee, so you can be sure that you're getting the best possible service. Call us today at 973-447-3363 for a free consultation.

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