The Hidden Damages Even In A Small Fire

Fire incidents are always unpleasant. They happen suddenly and most of the time without anyone noticing. From a spark in the electrical line, a paper burn, or a simple flaming in a kitchen pan, fire incidents can occur due to any reason. Negligence is not an option here. No matter the range, a fire breakout cause damage to property and life.

A small fire can be escalated into a big one if not addressed promptly and properly. Even a small fire has the potential to cause harm immensely. Sometimes the damages can be seen externally, and sometimes they are left unseen and hidden. Both cases are a matter of concern. Especially hidden damages are more critical as they need a thorough inspection and appropriate measures. Let us look through some of them.

Smoke And Soot Damaged Room

Smoke and Soot Damage

When it comes to fire damage, smoke and soot are one of the major ones. They are sometimes visible, and other times can be left unseen. Some of the signs to discover smoke damage are:

  • Discoloration in walls
  • Stained carpets, fabric, and upholstery
  • Odor
  • Rust and pitting of piping and other metal objects

The above signs are clear indicators of smoke damage. However, soot damages cannot be detected clearly as they are invisible and odorless. Soot particles stay around and are inhaled and absorbed. These particles, when they stay in the body, cause respiratory and other health issues.

Water Damage Restoration Equipment

Water Damage

Even a small fire needs water to put it out. But the consequence can lead to water damage issues. If the water gets in contact with wooden floors or furniture, it weakens them. Furthermore, water exposure can cause structural issues and damage to appliances and electronic devices. Mold contamination is another issue here.

Structural Damage

Structural damages caused by fire may not be seen with untrained eyes. The heat and the water used to put out the fire can cause significant damage to the wall and the wood used to support the structure. Even the steel and metals used underneath the structure can get damaged. Moreover, the window and door shape and their materials can be damaged as well.

Mold Formation

Molds are a concerning reason for various health hazards. The distressing thing is they are the most common after-effects of a fire. The water used to put out the fire can be the source of moisture leading to mold contamination. Mold spores float in the air and get into the lungs and other parts. This results in respiratory problems and even chronic illness. They must be cleaned professionally; otherwise, they will lurk behind the drywall and under carpets and furniture.

Fire Damaged Microwave

Gas Leak and Electrical Damage

When a fire breaks out, even if it's not that big, it needs to be put out. In this process, the gas lines can be damaged. There might even be a gas leak which can lead to another major incident. A gas leak often remains unnoticed and unattended until there is a large gas buildup.

Electrical damages, most of the time, remain out of the ordinary eye. There might be a spark in the electrical line, and it stays hidden. The wires and components may melt, and the electrical lines can be destroyed. This is why the electrical lines should be immediately shut off after a fire.

What You Should Do After The Fire Breakout

The first thing to do after a fire incident is to not panic! Calm down, look for visible damages, and attend to them if possible. The next thing to do is to call for a professional. A professional team will make the after-disaster situation easier to deal with. Whether the damages are visible or invisible, the professionals thoroughly inspect and estimate the extent of the damage.

PDQ Fire Water Damage Restoration is a company that will take the burden of handling fire damage. We take care of the entire process of after-damage dealing and look for even the unseen signs. Tending to water and smoke damage and other problems caused by fire is our specialty. Call us at 973-447-3363 or contact us here online to get our 24/7 emergency fire damage help.

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