Don't Waste Time With Water Damage

When water damage happens, you have to move quickly in order to avoid costly repairs, devaluation of property, and preventing potential health hazards from excess water.

Several causes of water damage include:

  • leaking or burst pipes
  • backed up sewer lines and pipes
  • hot water heater leaking
  • leaking air conditioner
Water Damage

It can literally be a race against the clock when you discover there is possible water damage to your home. If you don’t tackle the issue quickly, you could experience:

  • dry rot
  • damage to the wall studs and sill plates
  • weakening of major structural materials, like beams and joists
  • chance of mold and mildew forming

Most people think of major water damage which happens because of flooding. But over time, unresolved water leakage issues can cause:

  • ceilings and walls to warp
  • carpet and flooring to retain moisture, buckling hardwood floors
  • cracks in the home’s foundation

You have a short window of time to deal with water damage, literally hours. Since water rapidly spreads, affecting everything in its path, you need to take action NOW.

Water Damage 1
  • Protect yourself first, by turning off the electricity and wearing protective clothing, like rubber boots and gloves. Make sure your kids and pets are clear of the area, and this will be a big job, so enlist help. Call a water damage restoration service , like the team at PDQ Restoration, whose technicians use safe and advanced drying and restoration processes.
  • Identify where the water is leaking, if you can, and try to stop it.
  • Call your insurance company, and make a list of every item you can which has been damaged by the excess water. Document and take pictures of the damage, before and after you clean up the area.
  • Relocate as many materials out of the way of the standing water –carpets, rugs, furniture, important papers.
  • Remove and dry –Use a wet dry vac to remove the water and put it outside of your house, far away from the foundation. Once all the water has been removed, set up a dehumidifier and let it run.

Sometimes water damage may not be visible until it’s too late. Look for these warning signs and take immediate action:

  • wall or ceiling discoloration
  • visible signs of excess moisture in the home
  • high humidity
  • visible mold or mildew
  • a musty or damp odor

Even though water damage can spread quickly, and cause a lot of issues, when you move fast with water damage cleanup , there is a better chance of saving more of your possessions and ensuring that your home is properly repaired and free of future mold problems.