Assessing Smoke Damage In Your Home

Smoke damage can be one of the more difficult effects of fires. The more intense the fire, the more smoke is produced. However, even after the fire is put out, smoke residue remain. Smoke particles cause odor to linger around and cause various problems to the property as well as residents' health. This is why a proper smoke assessment by PDQ Restoration is necessary to determine the intensity of the damage, the potential risks it can pose, and the restoration process. Let us go through how smoke damage can be assessed and restored.

Fire damaged kitchen

Is Your Home Safe to Enter?

Before starting the inspection, it is necessary to make sure the affected is safe to enter. Make sure from the fire department that the area can be entered. Also, take precautionary steps like using masks, gloves, and protective clothes. Now that you are sure of entering the place follow the steps below for a proper assessment.

Fire damage inspection

Conduct a Visual Inspection

The first step of proper inspection after fire damage is to do a visual assessment of the whole. Make sure you thoroughly inspect the room where it took place and the adjoining rooms. This will help identify visually distinctive damages to the floors, ceilings, furniture, etc.

Professional worker checking HAVA system

Assess Smoke Odor Levels

Examine the prevalence of smoke odor in different rooms and places. Even if the damage is not immediately obvious, the odor of smoke can penetrate surfaces and remain.

Check For HVAC Smoke Damage

Smoke particles can accumulate in the HVAC system and circulate throughout the house, causing ongoing odor and potential health concerns. This is why the HVAC system needs to be appropriately checked.

Fire damaged house and broken window glass

Are Your Home's Contents Damaged?

Inspect the contents of the house in a systematic manner, room by room. Decide what should be thrown away and what can be packed up and restored.

Document Your Smoke Damage

The next step is to document the damage you found properly. Without proper documentation, the restoration process won't be possible. Furthermore, claiming your insurance policy requires appropriate documentation. Determining how and where to keep the documentation is another thing to consider.

Trust PDQ Restoration For Thorough Smoke Damage Assessments

It's time to contact a professional for a final assessment and restoration plan. PDQ Restoration has the necessary expertise and equipment for a perfect job, as well as expertise to thoroughly inspect the affected area.

For smoke and fire damage restoration, PDQ Fire & Water Damage Restoration is the right solution. Water damage is also our long-time specialty. Our crews are IIRC-certified and provide support 24/7 across our New Jersey service area. We provide 29-minute avg. response times, so call us today at 973-447-3363 or contact us online to book an appointment.

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