Types of Residential Fires & Restoration in Newton & Somerville, NJ

Fire accidents can start anywhere; a kitchen, bathroom, living room, laundry room, garage, attic, or more. Recovery can be difficult and overwhelming, especially after a injuries, property loss, or worse. But across New Jersey, you have a superior restoration provider in your corner.

PDQ Fire & Water Damage Restoration is ready to assist in your home fire damage restoration, no matter the cause or severity. We inspect, assess and provide estimates for all types of residential fires. Our cleanup, drying, and restoration delivers the best, most reliable results and total satisfaction. Our fire damage restoration process includes soot and smoke damagesmoke odor, smoke damage restoration, soot removal, insurance claim assistance, and more.

We also assist customers with water damage restoration, sewage damage restoration, and more in Montville, Madison, New Vernon, Chatham, and across our NJ service area. Call us at 973-447-3363 or contact us online to arrange a consultation with a PDQ Fire & Water Damage Restoration representative.

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Causes of Residential Fires | Call PDQ

Residential fires are too common, but PDQ Fire & Water Damage Restoration is ready to become your partner in fire damage recovery and restoration. We repair fire damage after the following:

  • Tobacco fires: These careless fires often ignite upholstery, bedding, carpets, curtains, old rags, garage solvents, paper trash, and more.
  • Kitchen fires: Unattended stoves or burners are a major fire starter. Hot grease, small appliances, or household items fuel a fire's spread. 
  • Electrical fires: Old wiring, short circuits, overloaded outlets, worn appliances with frayed wiring or too close to water are all fires waiting to happen.
  • Heater fires: Older space heaters without automatic shutoff are prone to fire accidents, especially if too close to paper, fabric, clothing, curtains, or other combustibles. Furnaces should be inspected and maintained yearly.
  • Flammable liquid fires: Attics, garages, workshops, barns, or other neglected storage areas sometimes contain fire-hazardous substances that aren't secured.

Trust PDQ Restoration After All Types of Residential Fires in Orange, NJ

PDQ Fire & Water Damage Restoration is your fire damage restoration expert across New Jersey after any type of residential fire. Fire damage can force you from your home, and we want to help you return ASAP to a livable environment. Our proven restoration methods and equipment effectively restore your home to its pre-damaged condition. PDQ Fire & Water Damage Restoration has 24/7 emergency response for customers in Maywood, Chester, Nutley, Riverdale, and throughout our NJ service area. Call us at 973-447-3363 or contact us online to book an appointment with a PDQ Fire & Water Damage Restoration team member.

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Morristown, NJ

When our Project Managers received the call, they prioritized the job and arrived within 45 minutes of the call. They started by assessing the damages and discussed the plan of remediation with the Homeowners. The homeowners were thrilled when the...

Morristown, NJ

We assessed the damage and let the homeowner know what the plan of action was to prevent any harmful soot from continuing to take up their air space. We started by sealing off any unaffected areas and then set up the Hydroxyl Generator to remove the ...

Randolph, NJ

PDQ team arrived after emergency responders put out the fire and got to work on clean-up. They assessed the damages and immediately discussed the plan of action with the homeowner. Our Team started the project by closing off the affected areas and pe...

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Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value I used PDQ for fire damage that we had in our house. Cheryl and her crew were so amazing to work with and got the job done quickly and professionally. Cheryl was always in contac...

Montville, NJ

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Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Highly recommended PDQ Fire & Water Damage Restoration if you ever have the need. They arrived 2 hours after our fire last night and within an hour or so had already sealed the ...

Boonton, NJ

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Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value They were quick, efficient, and did a fantastic job. Cheryl was always in communication with us and so kind and knowledgeable. They made my apartment look even better than it d...

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