Residential Fire Types & Restoration in New Jersey

Fire accidents are one of the hardest to recover from. Especially when it hits your home and damages large quantities of valuable belongings. There are many ways a fire may break out in a residential home starting from the kitchen to the living room. Regardless of how or when fire emergencies arise, PDQ Restoration is ready 24/7 to help you recover from fire damage.

Our fire damage restoration process takes care of everything including soot, & smoke damage, and smoke odor, as well as assisting with insurance claims. If your home is suffering from fire damage, call the IICRC-Certified specialists from PDQ Restoration to quickly restore your property, and go back to your daily activities.

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Types of Fire Starters

Oftentimes, the biggest reason behind a residential fire breakout is carelessness. Examples include leaving a kitchen stove unattended, or not being cautious near the fireplace. More types of reasons for fires include:

  • Cigarette fires: Snuffing cigarettes properly is mandatory before throwing them away. The tiny embers are capable of causing big fires when near fabric or paper materials.
  • Kitchen fires: Leaving the stove or oven unattended is indeed a major cause of kitchen fires. Many appliances & household items are present in the kitchen which may help spread the fire. 
  • Electrical fires: Malfunctioning wires & short circuits are among the most unpredictable types of fire outbreaks in residential homes. This might happen from electrical appliances as well as such as heaters, & AC.
  • Heater Fire: Older models of heaters do not have an automatic shutoff mechanism that makes them more prone to starting a fire than new models with more features.

Count on the Professionals for Quick Fire Damage Restoration

We understand that fire-damaged environments are not good for living conditions. Hence, we follow proven methods & use state-of-the-art equipment to quickly restore your property back to its pre-damaged condition. PDQ Restoration serves 24/7 across Maywood, Chester, Nutley, Riverdale, & other nearby areas in New Jersey. Call us at 973-447-3363 for restoration when a fire damages your residential home.