Kathy V. – Rockaway, NJ

For disaster cleanup PDQ Restoration is fast, professional, and thorough. When soot belched out of our chimney just before Christmas, it covered everything from basement to attic with an oily black film. I made the mistake of trying to clean it up myself but soon realized I was making myself sick while making the mess worse. PDQ Restoration came within an hour of my call. They assessed the problem and rapidly brought in a team that cleaned the soot from every surface affected. Walls, ceilings, furniture, carpets, clothing, bedding, even the inside of cabinets and drawers that had been penetrated by the fine particles. Just as importantly they helped put my mind at ease. Tim and Elizabeth stayed with me throughout the process and answered every question. They worked closely with my insurance company too. Soot is a real disaster that calls for professionals with the right knowledge and equipment. Call your insurance company and call PDQ. They saved my house, my sanity, and my holidays. Many thanks to Tim, Elizabeth and their entire crew!