Burst Frozen Pipe Water Damage Cleanup in New Jersey

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What Causes Pipes to Freeze and Burst?

What Causes Pipes to Freeze and Burst?

Whenever the cold, winter temperatures drop below 32 degrees, pipes and plumbing systems become vulnerable to freezing. The water, which turns to ice in the pipes, then expands, and can put so much pressure on the pipes, they burst and cause leaks in your home. The amount of water forced into your home from just one frozen pipe can be hundreds of gallons.

How Can You Prevent Pipes from Freezing and Bursting?

It may seem challenging to prevent your pipes from freezing and bursting in the winter since most of your home's poorly-heated areas are where the pipes and plumbing systems are located. But it is possible to help in the prevention of frozen and burst pipes. Here are some tips:

  • Leave the faucets on so there is a light trickle of water moving through both the hot and cold pipes.
  • In your kitchen and bathroom, leave the cabinets open so heat can get to the pipes.
  • Using pipe insulation, and/or electrical heating tape can keep the pipes warm.
  • Bring your outdoor hoses inside when it’s going to freeze, and shut off the outside water supply.

Can’t I Just Thaw Out My Pipes if They’re Frozen?

Yes, in the short answer, you can thaw your frozen pipes. But, you first have to find the pipe and immediately begin this process, in order to prevent a pipe burst. Turn on the faucet so that the water can begin to flow through the pipe and drain. Get a hair dryer, or a heat lamp, and begin warming the pipe, from the visible starting point of the pipe, back towards the faucet. You can also try using an electric heating pad wrapped around the pipe. Keep heating the pipe until full water pressure is restored. If you cannot find the frozen pipe, or you cannot access it, contact a licensed plumber.

Pipes Freeze and Burst

What To Do if Your Pipes are Already Frozen?

If you suspect your pipes may already be frozen, do some inspecting:

  • If the temperature has dropped below freezing, your pipes are very likely to have frozen.
  • If you didn’t turn on your inside faucets, do this. If there is no water flowing, it’s a good chance the pipe is frozen.
  • Can you see your pipes from the outside? Do they have frost on them, or appear to have a frosted look? They may very well be full of frozen water on the inside.
  • And you may already see water leaks, either a small drip coming from a pipe, or visible flooding of water.

What Can Happen if Pipes Freeze and Burst?

As soon as you know you have a burst pipe, turn off the water source in order to stop the flow of water into your home. This first action can stop, or at least decrease, the amount of structural damage which can happen from the water. Also, be aware of what frozen pipes can do to the plumbing, so you can try and mitigate that damage.

Aside from the obvious material and structural damage, you also need to consider long-term effects from possible stagnant water, such as mold and mildew growth. Proper restoration includes both removing the excess water and drying the area. Without a proper restoration job, this type of damage can severely affect those with chronic conditions, such as allergies, asthma, and upper respiratory issues.

If your pipes freeze and burst, and you experience water damage, you can expect to be displaced from your home for a bit, during the burst pipe restoration time. This is why it’s so important to try and prevent pipes from freezing in the first place.

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