Frozen Pipe Prevention in New Jersey

When water pipes are exposed to extreme low temperatures in winter, the water expands and freezes the outside of the pipe. This makes the water pipes brittle causing them to crack and break. During harsh winters, old buildings with aged water pipes are most vulnerable to this issue. A broken water pipe is an invitation to disaster without professional service help. A frozen water pipe is an irritating inconvenience for everyone in a building. A broken water pipe is a trigger for large-scale fast escalating problems ranging from structural damage from mold to other forms of water damage. A broken pipe also makes buildings run out of water supply and cause smells. Contact PDQ Restoration for complete repairs and restoration of frozen, broken pipes. Contact PDQ Restoration at 973-447-3363. We have local facilities at Bogota, Bridgewater and other areas all across New Jersey.

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Consequences of a frozen water pipe

  • Structural integrity: water damage from frozen pipes that explode will cause building wide structural damage from water damage.
  • Mold: Where there is water damage there is mold growth
  • Water scarcity: A broken water pipe that is not repaired in time will lead a building to run out of its water supply or at the best case scenario have very slow water flow

Choose PDQ Restoration to save your frozen water pipes in in New Jersey

  • Burst Pipes
  • Water damage restoration
  • Water damage insurance claims
  • Water pipe break

When your buildings, homes or commercial spaces need repair or restoration from frozen or burst pipes contact PDQ Restoration at 973-447-3363 to help us help you from the nightmare that is frozen or burst pipes. We have local facilities at Blairstown, Bloomsbury, Branchville and several other areas across New Jersey.