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Involve the Insurance Company Immediately and Enlist Our Help: At least 99% of homeowner’s insurance policies actually cover damages from soot and odor. PDQ works directly through you homeowner’s insurance and has a great track record of getting results above expectations. Give us a call if you would like a free evaluation of your soot/odor damage.

The benefits of having PDQ work directly with your insurance company are:

  • Less personal involvement and work for you. We will take over negotiations and communication with your insurance company.
  • Your financial commitment will be limited to your deductible on the policy.
  • You will get a more thorough clean up than perhaps you could otherwise afford. The insurance company is interested in preserving property value long term. They will be looking to restore your home to the condition it was in before the fire. This will include replacing any insulation, repainting affected surfaces and repairing/replacing anything that was burnt or melted.
  • Often your insurance company will cover temporary hotel and dining expenses for you and your family while the work is being done.
  • In summary, you get much more work done on your home and only pay the deductible on your insurance policy.
Disadvantages to this approach:
The cost to remediate the damage correctly and bring your home back to a healthy condition is typically much more then homeowners would want to pay. Therefore corners are cut and end results are usually less then acceptable.
How to proceed with putting in an insurance claim.
Call you insurance agent and tell them you would like to put in a claim due to your fire/soot damage. They will open a claim for you. Write down your “claim number.”
Do I need to wait until Monday when my insurance company opens?
NO. You can and should either hire a company or begin the work yourself ASAP. You do not need to wait for a claim number or even your adjuster. Many of the times an adjuster will not even come out to see your property if there is no rebuilding necessary.
Do I need an estimate before you start any cleaning or repairs? 
Often the amount of the cost to clean contents and structure is unknown; however the final pricing is based on standardized pricing for the insurance industry. Industry pricing for each line item is updated quarterly for each region of the country. Your insurance company also uses the same program (it is call Xatimate) and price list. When an adjuster is assigned to your claim, he/she will want to know you are using an approved vendor that follows standardized industry pricing. A verbal scope of the work to be performed with a “ballpark” on the range the job might cost will also be asked from your adjuster. Once they know you are dealing with a reputable restoration company they usually will not schedule to come see your home until the work has been completed. Many times they don’t even come out if they are comfortable with the restoration firm!
Can you hire any restoration company you want?
You have the right to hire any company you choose to do your cleanup.
It would be helpful to make sure the restoration company you choose has/is the following:
  • IICRC Firm Certification
  • FSRT Certification
  • Business liability insurance
  • Vendor for your insurance carrier
  • References for soot and odor cleanup
  • Most importantly make sure you can feel comfortable and can trust them.
If your home or business is in North NJ, we’re a company that can provide the expert help you need to clean up and restore your home from your smoke & odor loss.

We are here to help, call PDQ today at 973-316-6014 to speak with one of our smoke cleanup and odor removal restoration experts.

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