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Fire Damage Restoration Process

Smoke Odor Removal NJ


PDQ Restoration is North New Jersey’s premier smoke and soot cleanup company. We specialize in this particular area where other restoration companies offer this as an “add on” service.


NOBODY will clean the odor out your home or business after a soot emergency better than PDQ. We are locally owned and live and work in your community. We pride ourselves in personalized attention to not just your home, but also your emotional needs as well.
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PDQ is a restoration vendor for almost every insurance carrier and will work directly with your claims adjuster to give you the best possible and fastest outcome to your claim.


The level of knowledge that we possess in soot, smoke and odor remediation will supersede anyone else’s. Give us a call today and we will help you through this process and get you back to your pre-emergency condition as quickly as possible. Compassionate professionals are ready to help you immediately through this difficult and trying process.
Smoke DamagePDQ’s Smoke Cleaning & Odor Removal Process:
  • Thorough assessment and documentation of your soot emergency.
  • Photographs and measurements will be taken during this phase.
  • Record and document the disposal of necessary food and medications.
  • Immediate placement of HEPA air scrubbers and hydroxyls to begin soot and odor mitigation
  • Contact insurance carrier/adjuster to give them the size and scope of the project.
  • Deploy 8-12 people almost immediately to clean and decontaminate the affected structure and contents.
  • Schedule HVAC air duct cleaning and sanitation for soot and odor.
  • Replace all air filters in the HVAC systems.
  • Coordinate the cleaning of soft goods, such as clothing, bedding, draperies, furniture, etc.
  • Discuss rebuild options (such as, painting, carpeting, cabinetry, etc.) with homeowner if necessary after PDQ meets with your adjuster regarding your claim.

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