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Our IICRC-certified technicians at PDQ have been specially-trained to extract sewage, mud and sewage water. They will remove and pSewage cleanup NJroperly dispose of porous materials including furniture, carpeting, bedding and any other items which have absorbed the sewage water.

After the sewage is gone, air movers are brought in to blow the moist air around the property. This is done so that our dehumidifiers can soak up the moist air to keep your home or commercial building dry while preventing mold growth.

If the items are nonporous, like tiles and hardwood floors, we can clean them. Our technicians will use eco-friendly microbials and biocides to totally cleanse the affected area. IICRC-certified cleanup procedures can also include using disinfectants that are IICRC approved to assure that the affected areas are once again safe.

Our services include:

  • Sewage Cleanup
  • Complete Structural Drying
  • Decontamination
  • Deodorization
  • Debris Removal

Causes of sewage problems

Sewage can invade your property in various ways. A broken sewer main, a flood and even an overflowing toilet can all lead to a smelly, filthy bio-hazardous mess. Moreover, sewage backup can cause dangerous black mold growth, which can be a huge health risk in and of itself.

The most common causes of sewage problems include:

  • Solid Flushes – The most common cause of sewage backup is a blockage caused by things like dirt, hair, bones, kitty litter or grease accumulation – or by the flushing of solid objects that are too large for the pipes to handle like sanitary napkins and disposable diapers.
  • Structural Defects – This includes problems with sewer service lines like holes, cracks, pipe collapses, sags along the line, misaligned pipe and offset or open joints.
  • Tree Root Infiltration – Tree roots can enter the service pipe at joints and travel a long way, plugging the waste water flow as it goes. These roots can additionally cause structural defects as they crack pipes when they grow.
  • Blockage of Sanitary Sewers – A blockage can occur in a city sanitary main and if this blockage is not detected in time then sewage from the main can back up through the floor drains into businesses and homes.
  • Flooding of Sanitary Sewers – During heavy rains sewer lines often fill up with water faster than they drain, which can lead to a sewage backup as the water flows back through floor drains causing overflows.

Whether your water loss is large or small, call the team that cares about your property.  Call PDQ at 1-973-316-6014.

 Sewage Cleanup NJ

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