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5 Things Homeowners Should Know


Puff Back Cedar Grove NJWhat is a puffback?
A puffback is a misfiring of your furnace, which can cover your home in soot. The soot can cover your furniture, floors, ceilings and any other parts of your home close to your exhaust system. If your home relies on a forced heat system, the soot can cover all areas that your heating system typically reaches. Puffbacks typically occur when the oil burner does not immediately ignite, causing a buildup within your furnace that can lead to an explosion. Older furnaces and homes are at more at risk than newer systems and constructs.
Why are puffbacks dangerous for your home?
Puffbacks, in the most extreme cases, can cause your home or business to be covered in soot. Soot is not only difficult to clean and unsightly, but also has the potential to cause health problems, most notably respiratory issues, for you and your family. The soot caused by puffbacks can also damage valuable property and belongings, such as you furniture and clothing.What should I do if a puffback occurs?

In the unfortunate event of a puffback occurring in your home, it is important to address the situation right away. Give us a call at 973-316-6014 and a restoration team will make its way to your home in no time. Upon arriving at your home, our puffback cleanup and restoration specialists will inspect your home to identify all areas that were affected by the puffback and thoroughly clean and deodorize it as quickly as possible. Our puffback specialists ensure that your home and property are returned to their original, soot-free condition minus the odor.

Does my homeowners insurance pay for the cleanup?

YES. 99.9% of all homeowners insurance policies cover the full cost to cleanup then mess and odor left behind from a puff back. PDQ Restoration is a vendor all most all of the insurance carriers and we bill them directly.

If your home or business experiences a puff back, you should not:

  • Do not attempt to wash wallpaper or flat-painted walls, as improper cleaning will further compound the soot residue
  • Do not use retail cleaning solutions or soap. These will only smear and spread the soot, not fully remove it
  • Do not try to clean carpets and upholstered furniture
  • Avoid touching items in the home. Soot on hands can easily permeate upholstery, walls and woodwork, causing additional damage
  • Don’t wait! Soot travels and will reappear if not immediately removed

For your convenience, we offer emergency cleanup and restoration services 24/7 and direct insurance billing. To learn more about our puffback cleanup and restoration services, please contact us today and we will be right out to see the damage and educate you on what needs to be done!

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