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What is a puffback?

A puffback is a misfiring of your furnace, which can cover your home in soot. The soot can cover your furniture, floors, ceilings and any other parts of your home close to your exhaust system. If your home relies on a forced heat system, the soot can cover all areas that your heating system typically reaches.
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Why are puffbacks dangerous for your home?


Puffbacks, in the most extreme cases, can cause your home or business to be covered in soot. Soot is not only difficult to clean and unsightly, but also has the potential to cause health problems, most notably respiratory issues, for you and your family. The soot caused by puffbacks can also damage valuable property and belongings, such as you furniture and clothing.


Puffbacks typically occur when the oil burner does not immediately ignite, causing a buildup within your furnace that can lead to an explosion. Older furnaces and homes are at more at risk than newer systems and constructs.


What should I do if a puffback occurs?


In the unfortunate event of a puffback occurring in your home, it is important to address the situation right away. Give us a call at 973-316-6014 and a restoration team will make its way to your home in no time. Upon arriving at your home, our puffback cleanup and restoration specialists will inspect your home to identify all areas that were affected by the puffback and thoroughly clean and deodorize it as quickly as possible. Our puffback specialists ensure that your home and property are returned to their original, soot-free condition minus the odor.


Does my homeowners insurance pay for the cleanup?
YES. 99.9% of all homeowners insurance policies cover the full cost to cleanup then mess and odor left behind from a puff back.

Puff Back cleanup

If your home or business experiences a puff back, you should not:
  • Do not attempt to wash wallpaper or flat-painted walls, as improper cleaning will further compound the soot residue
  • Do not use retail cleaning solutions or soap. These will only smear and spread the soot, not fully remove it
  • Do not try to clean carpets and upholstered furniture
  • Avoid touching items in the home. Soot on hands can easily permeate upholstery, walls and woodwork, causing additional damage


Don’t wait! Soot travels and will reappear if not immediately removed!
For your convenience, we offer emergency cleanup and restoration services 24/7 and direct insurance billing. To learn more about our puffback cleanup and restoration services, please contact us today and we will be right out to see the damage and educate you on what needs to be done!
Oil furnace Puff BackPDQ’s Puffback Cleaning Process:
  • Thorough assessment and documentation of your soot emergency.
  • Photographs and measurements will be taken during this phase.
  • Record and document the disposal of necessary food and medications.
  • Immediate placement of HEPA air scrubbers and hydroxyls to begin soot and odor mitigation
  • Contact insurance carrier/adjuster to give them the size and scope of the project.
  • Deploy 8-12 people almost immediately to clean and decontaminate the affected structure and contents.
  • Schedule HVAC air duct cleaning and sanitation for soot and odor.
  • Replace all air filters in the HVAC systems.
  • Coordinate the cleaning of soft goods, such as clothing, bedding, draperies, furniture, etc.
  • Discuss rebuild options (such as, painting, carpeting, cabinetry, etc.) with homeowner if necessary after PDQ meets with your adjuster regarding your claim.


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Marc Scarlatella
Marc Scarlatella
21:14 18 Jun 19
Had a flood in my upstairs bathroom and basement and PDQ responded and came to the house within an hour. All the guys worked diligently to get all the water out and dry everything. I highly recommend PDQ for all your home restoration needs.
Catherine Brooks
Catherine Brooks
17:27 17 Jun 19
Thank You PDQ for answering your after hours phone! We got home late from a party and found our basement flooded. We called PDQ and they came out within the hour. They were able to save our wet carpet and dried everything with very little demo. They had all sorts of equipment to dry different items. We were very impressed.
Rachel Stein
Rachel Stein
20:49 30 May 19
May 2019 We had moisture damage in our walls caused by window Air Conditioners in old windows. The primary concern was the black fuzzy growth on the porch ceiling that appeared to likely be mold. Concern; especially, because two family members were less than two weeks from having major surgeries with lengthy in-home recoveries. Tim and Elizabeth came out immediately to evaluate.Tim doubted it was mold, but we needed definite confirmation. He helped with a recommendation of a third party tester. Thankfully, Tim's visual assessment was correct. Before the results, we had the reassurance from PDQ that if needed, they were there and ready to work to make our home ready in time for the convalescing patients. Their willingness to provide prompt and speedy professional attention to our problem, as well as their honesty and concern and human decency make it apparent; they are who I want working in my home if needed. Happily, I recommend PDQ! Thank you, Tim and Elizabeth!
Eli Conway
Eli Conway
22:21 30 Apr 19
PDQ did an excellent job at restoring my kids jack n Jill bathroom to pre-construction condition, removed n dried all areas of my garage ceiling and kids bathroom...just a world class outfit n very professional. Thank you
Nancy Compton
Nancy Compton
17:40 01 Apr 19
We live in Morristown, NJ and came back from vacation to a flooded basement. Our furniture was actually floating! We found PDQ online and decided to use them based on their reviews. They answered their phone right away even though it was Saturday night. John came out within an hour and began pumping out our basement. John and his crew worked all weekend and made the process very easy. He even helped us put in the insurance claim and did all of the documentation. We are very happy with choosing PDQ Restoration.
James Parsons
James Parsons
17:50 28 Feb 19
Great business. Known the owner a long time. Tim knows how to treat clients and their property.
United Fire and Water Damage Restoration
United Fire and Water Damage Restoration
12:27 19 Feb 19
Tim and Elizabeth are true professionals. They have shown me that they are proficient at restoration work, and that they care about their clientele. Hopefully you will never need their services, but should you encounter water or smoke damage, there is none better to call.
Rina Desai
Rina Desai
23:02 23 Dec 18
PDQ was very prompt to come out after we had water damage so the clean up/drying process happened quick as possible. Very knowledgeable and completed the process with minimal disruption as possible. Would highly recommend the company.
Frank Delmont
Frank Delmont
14:54 27 Oct 18
We quoted a few different companies for mold remediation in our basement. It was amazing to see the wide price differences and different levels of service offered. We decided on PDQ because they were the most professional, knew there stuff and came in right in the middle for the pricing. I would highly recommend them to my neighbors. They were very detailed and professional.
Matt C
Matt C
05:05 17 Aug 16
If I could leave more than 5 Stars I would! I had a pipe leak in my basement overnight and woke up to a flooded basement. Called the plumber and had the pipe fixed and then called PDQ Restoration about having them come out and clean up the water. They were there literally 20 minutes after I called and got right to work. PDQ Restoration is run how a business should be. They are punctual, neat, friendly, reasonable, and willing to do whatever it takes to make sure you are completely satisfied. This is tough to find in this day and age in my opinion. Some businesses are out to make money and get it done as fast as possible without caring about customer satisfaction. PDQ stayed around as long as it took to make sure all of the water and moisture was 100% gone and made sure we were 100% happy. My experience with them could not have been better. I would recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat! Thanks again guys!
Eva Moonika
Eva Moonika
15:39 15 Aug 16
I had a dryer fire on Sunday. I thought everything was fine and we were thankful to be ok. What I was equally thankful for though was PDQ! Though education, Tim & Elizabeth were able to show me that was I thought was "fine" was actually a dangerous situation to be living in. There was soot all over my house that I didn't even know about. PDQ came in and cleaned my home and returned it back to a healthy living environment. Extremely pleased with their level of communication and professionalism. I highly recommend PDQ Restoration!! PS: Tim, I can't figure out how to reply to your comment, so I just edited this post to add on. Thank you and your company again and again! A true gem of a team you have there! Thanks ~ Eva ( posted on: 8/15/16)
Pat Balkin
Pat Balkin
15:34 15 Aug 16
Came home from vacation to a flooded mess in my basement. Everything was ruined. My insurance company recommended PDQ. They were onsite quickly and knew exactly what to do! My nerves were shot and I am so thankful I had their help and expertise during that trying time. My basement looks better than ever and I'm glad that whole ordeal is behind me. Thank you PDQ and my insurance company!
Macy Vasquez
Macy Vasquez
14:25 04 May 16
PDQ made the unfortunate puff back event (boiler malfunction that causes soot to go EVERYWHERE!) much more bearable! From the start, they knew their stuff and what seemed like an overwhelming project went so smoothly. My home looks amazing!!! It is back to the healthy, beautiful home that I love! Hats off to Elizabeth, Tim, Bryan and crew! WOW!
Dennis Bailey
Dennis Bailey
20:17 29 Nov 15
We used PDQ last week to cleanup a sewage backup we had in our finished basement. I did not realize all of the steps that were necessary to clean, sanitize and seal all of the affected areas. I am glad we chose PDQ. They knew exactly what to do and even deodorized the basement. My wife and I are very happy we choose PDQ!
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